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Long Term Disability

Long Term Disability (LTD)

Have you suffered from a severe illness or catastrophic injury? If you’re employed your employer might maintain a Long Term Disability policy on behalf of you and your fellow employees.

What does an LTD policy typically do?

An LTD policy insures against future lost income in the event an employee becomes unable to work or earn at a comparable level. Typically an LTD policy will set a definition disabled as inability to earn more than 60-80% of your most recent earnings.

Unfortunately these policies tend to be subject to a form of gamesmanship by the big insurance companies that provide these types of policies. Often the Plan Administrator will decree that the beneficiary (most likely you or someone you love) is no longer disabled within the definition of the policy. They’re typically hired gun medical experts who will parse through your medical files and reach conclusions that seem impossible to any reasonable person.

If you, or someone you care about has been denied coverage, give me a call and I’ll be happy to discuss the matter with you.